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Bitumen in Polycubes

Bitumen in Polycubes

Polymer Bags are becoming one of the most demanding types of packing for bitumen from bitumen customers worldwide.

Below are some of the advantages of Poly bag packaging:

No waste when extracting the bitumen from the bags Melt able in old and new machinery Easy and clean handling Equal price to drums or lower packing while loading a higher capacity per each 20 feet container. Enabling us to ship 4 metric tons more in each unit. Available in various weights, such as 300 KG, 800 KG and 1000 KG, however we focus on 300 Kg bags

Did you know this about Polycube bitumen?

Our bags are made of two layers of Polymer as well as an extra internal layer Polycubes are the new generation of Poly bags and when handled properly they are nearly leak proof We offer special protection within each container to maximize the safe arrival of your goods When filling poly bags or rather polycubes, bitumen is cooled down to a filling temperature just below the melting point of the packaging material

The filling of Bitumen in polycubes

The filling of Bitumen in polycubes is carried out semi-automatically. Then, the operator must place the empty polycube under the filling head and begin filling. After reaching the required weight, the filling head stops the bitumen flow. At this point the operator closes the polycube and removes it from the filling station with a forklift which is then loaded safely into properly prepared containers for transporting polycubes right at the factory. During loading a reputable international inspection company such as SGS or Geo Chem inspection will be used to assert our guaranteed quality.

Polycube Specification

Capacity- Filling quantity for bitumen (net) – 300 kg Materials- Outer bag – PP fabric Liner – PE Melting point outer bag (PP) – 155oC / 311oF Melting point outer bag (PP) – 137oC / 279oF UV-Resistance – 6 months Storage under roof – 12 months Multiuse of outer bag – no Dimensions -L x W x H (circ.) – 100 x 50 x 50 cm Tare weight outer bag (circ.) – 1.1 kg Tare weight outer bag (circ.) – 1.3 kg Tare weight POLYCUBE (circ.) – 1.4 kg Quantities -Number of polycubes which can fit in a 20ft container – 80 Quantity of bitumen fitting in a 20ft container – 24 metric tonns