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November 15, 2020
Viscosity Grade Bitumen Specifications Table
November 15, 2020

VG 10

VG10 bitumen is the softest grade of viscosity bitumen. This type of bitumen is widely used for spraying applications and surface coating.

VG10 bitumen is also suitable for paving roads in a very cold and cold climate instead of the old 80/100 penetration grade. The air temperature that matches VG10 bitumen ranges from -100C to 250C. Due to the high temperatures in hot climatic zones, the application of VG10 cannot provide desirable rutting resistance.

This type of bitumen is also used to manufacture bitumen emulsions and modified bitumen products.

As a viscosity grade bitumen, VG10 has a better performance in cold weather. Refer to the specification table as guidance on the temperature range of this grade.