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Viscosity Grade Bitumen Specifications Table
November 15, 2020

What is the standard application for each grade of viscosity bitumen?

The application of viscosity grade bitumen is extremely popular when it comes to road construction, paving sidewalks, spraying, and surface dressing. Viscosity bitumen, which is the most widely used in hot asphalt construction, has thermoplastic properties, a property that keeps this material hard and stiff in cold weather and soft in hot temperature.

This feature makes the combination of viscosity bitumen with other materials more durable for road construction at a specific temperature.
For applying viscosity grade bitumen, it is necessary to choose the appropriate grade.

Two main factors that help us decide which grade is suitable, are traffic conditions and climate. For example, bitumen with a viscosity value of 10 or 20 suits repairing and pavements. Or VG30 and VG40 are recommended for road construction where extra heavy traffic is expected.
In what follows, we present a comprehensive description of viscosity grade bitumen application for each grade, in addition to their properties and specifications.