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ISO tanks are the revolutionary concept in the transportation of liquid, gaseous and powder chemicals. They provide a sturdy safe and user friendly mode of loading, carriage, transportation, shipping and discharge of various hazardous, non-hazardous grade chemicals adhering to the international norms regulations of safety.

Bulk Bitumen Suppliers Iran

Bulk bitumen suppliers

We are Bulk bitumen suppliers in Iran. Our company is involved in the export of high quality road bitumen in bulk via bulk vessels to neighboring countries such as Oman, UAE, India and several others. After production, Bulk bitumen is initially stored in storage tanks near Bandar Abbas port and loaded onto Bulk bitumen vessels.

Bulk bitumen loading rate

A small vessel with the capacity 3,000 metric tons can be loaded within 1- 2 days and delivered to most ports in India within 7 to 14 days. Such small bulk bitumen ships of this capacity are designed for short distance travel. For longer distances the availability of bulk bitumen vessels must be asserted and they must be larger in size to withstand the voyage and also make it cost effective to use this mean as a transportation method.

Bulk bitumen price

Bulk bitumen’s price is an average of 40.00 USD per metric tons less than that of drummed bitumen. The shipping cost of bulk bitumen is generally higher than bitumen shipped in containers. For example, the cost of containers to one port may cost 10.00 USD/MT while shipping the goods via a bulk vessel may cost well over 50.00 USD/MT to the same destination.

Type of bulk bitumen vessels

Bulk Vessels for bitumen vary in size and capacity. Generally the export of bitumen from Iran or UAE is done through traditional packaging for bitumen such as new steel drums or polybags. One main reason is the method of payment which is used for bulk bitumen orders.

Usual Method of payment for bulk bitumen

When buying bulk bitumen, unlike bitumen drums the method of payment is TT and not LC. Usually a advance payment is given and the balance is paid during loading, after shipment or after the goods have reached their destination. In order to bring your bitumen to the port and store it in storage tanks we require an advance payment of no less than 20%. This is because the cost of transportation fees via bitumen tankers and storage fees are considerable. We realize that certain clients have genuine concerns and reservations about paying an advance payment to bitumen suppliers they are just beginning a relationship with. With that said, we are confident that through productive communication, visit of our offices and refinery from which we will supply from will build a mutually trusted relationship. When you are dealing with a end supplier and meet them and visit their facilities this can help you in makie a safe and informed decision about the partner you choose.

Second mode of payment for bulk bitumen

For qualified buyers, generally the mode of payment for Bulk Bitumen is through a 20% Advance payment and the balance payment is due aftter the goods arrive at the destination port or mutually agreed upon.

Bitumen in Polycubes

Polymer Bags are becoming one of the most demanding types of packing for bitumen from bitumen customers worldwide.

Below are some of the advantages of Poly bag packaging:

No waste when extracting the bitumen from the bags Melt able in old and new machinery Easy and clean handling Equal price to drums or lower packing while loading a higher capacity per each 20 feet container. Enabling us to ship 4 metric tons more in each unit. Available in various weights, such as 300 KG, 800 KG and 1000 KG, however we focus on 300 Kg bags

Did you know this about Polycube bitumen?

Our bags are made of two layers of Polymer as well as an extra internal layer Polycubes are the new generation of Poly bags and when handled properly they are nearly leak proof We offer special protection within each container to maximize the safe arrival of your goods When filling poly bags or rather polycubes, bitumen is cooled down to a filling temperature just below the melting point of the packaging material

The filling of Bitumen in polycubes

The filling of Bitumen in polycubes is carried out semi-automatically. Then, the operator must place the empty polycube under the filling head and begin filling. After reaching the required weight, the filling head stops the bitumen flow. At this point the operator closes the polycube and removes it from the filling station with a forklift which is then loaded safely into properly prepared containers for transporting polycubes right at the factory. During loading a reputable international inspection company such as SGS or Geo Chem inspection will be used to assert our guaranteed quality.

Polycube Specification

Capacity- Filling quantity for bitumen (net) – 300 kg Materials- Outer bag – PP fabric Liner – PE Melting point outer bag (PP) – 155oC / 311oF Melting point outer bag (PP) – 137oC / 279oF UV-Resistance – 6 months Storage under roof – 12 months Multiuse of outer bag – no Dimensions -L x W x H (circ.) – 100 x 50 x 50 cm Tare weight outer bag (circ.) – 1.1 kg Tare weight outer bag (circ.) – 1.3 kg Tare weight POLYCUBE (circ.) – 1.4 kg Quantities -Number of polycubes which can fit in a 20ft container – 80 Quantity of bitumen fitting in a 20ft container – 24 metric tonns

Bitumen in Bitutainers

Bitumen containers are also known as Bitumen in bitutainers. They are a minor part of the different types of bitumen packaging available. Bitutainers are an alternative method of supplying Bulk bitumen without chartering a bulk vessel. Some may use bitutainers as storage tanks and discharge their bitumen at a later time for their intended use. This method is used to transport high quality bitumen to minor or major road construction projects. As an alternative, bitumen clients who wish to purchase bulk bitumen rent bitutainers. Once they are rented they are sent to our facilities in Bandar Abbas Iran. We are only a few short kilometers in distance from Bandar Abbas Port. Once they are sent to us, our job is to fill them with your preferred grade of high quality road bitumen. Bitumen in bitutainers usually poses a heat generator. This an intricate part of the bitutainers which in turn, bring or maintain the bitumen to or in a warn and liquid state. This practice is in place to ensure the easy discharge of your bitumen at the discharge port. As their heating functions vary, please check the functionality of your bitutainers independently. Depending on its capacity, we can generally load 25 metric tons of bitumen in each bitutainer. Larger sized bitutainers may also be available in the market, known as 40 feet bitutaienrs. The shipping and rental cost of these larger units are generally higher. If you require assistance finding a source to attain bitutainers, please let us know and we will do our best to make some recommendations to you.

Packing Drum

Customarily, bitumen has been packaged and exported in new steel drums. Drum bitumen capacity ranges from 150 Kg to 200 Kg. The most commonly used drum packaging capacity by nearly all bitumen consumers in the globe is 180 Kg. 180 Kg drums are used more widely by bitumen consumers as they are the most beneficial to them. Bitumen importers can save on costs by using 180 Kg drums. The areas of savings are associated but not limited to, drum production cost, handling and shipping related expenses.

150 Kg drums for Chittagong Bangladesh

147 kg drums also known as 150 Kg drums are mainly purchased by bitumen buyers in Chittagong Bangladesh. When stuffing 110 drums of 150 Kg drum weight however, the total weight that can be stuffed in a 20 feet container is only 16 metric tons. In comparison, when using Drum bitumen weighing 180 Kg per drum, 110 drums can be stuffed in each 20 feet container. This means a total of 20 metric tons can be stuffed in each container. 150 Kg drums are also costlier to ship. This is simply because less Drum bitumen can be shipped per container. In addition, it takes more steel to produce this smaller sized drum. In addition, more drums are needed to hold the same amount of weight as the standard 180 Kg drum weight would require.

Standard size bitumen containers

20 feet containers are the standard size when it comes to transporting Drum bitumen. They are the most economical container size available in the market today. When it comes to carrying bitumen in 40 feet containers the cost is nearly double that of 20 feet containers. However; the capacity of 40 feet containers is 135 drums which is only 25 drums more for the bigger sized container. This is not economical in almost every instance as the Terminal Handling Charge THC of a 40 feet container alone are also higher. More containers equals more work, higher shipping rates and more port charges both a the loading port and the discharge port. Drum bitumen clients are advised to use the standard 180 Kg drums to ensure savings on shipping expenses.

200 Kg drums for Pakistan

Another country which uses a different sized and weight drum is Pakistan. Pakistan a mainly imports its bitumen through a shared border with Iran named Tafton border which requires bitumen to be transported by land in trucks. Karachi port in Pakistan is also a popular destination for Iranian bitumen of high quality. Shipments in Bitumen drum are made via containers by sea. 200 Kg packaging is costlier than 180 Kg drum packaging. When shipping by sea, only 80 new steel drums can be placed in each 20 feet container versus 20 metric tons in 180 Kg drums. Pakistan and Bangladesh’s markets are accustomed to these sized drums and mainly use their traditional drum sizes. However, in the recent years we have seen a small shift towards the standard 180 Kg drum packaging by bitumen importers from these two countries.

Standard Bitumen Drum Specification

Specification 180 kg Bitumen Drum 150 KG bitumen Drum 200 KG bitumen Drum
New Cold Rolled Steel * * *
Height (mm) 980 860 980
Diameter (mm) 500 500 500
Body Thickness (mm) 0.6 0.6 0.6
Top/Base Thickness (mm) 0.6 0.6 0.6
Net Weight (kg) +/-2.5 182 150 210
Gross Weight (kg) +/-2.5 192 158 220
Empty Drum Weight (kg) +/-1 9.5 8.5 10